System Architects

System Architects

Our System Architects, who are subject matter experts in our products, provide technical guidance and governance throughout the sales cycle, ensuring a strategic advantage for your business.

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What is a System Architect?

System Architects are Subject Matter Experts in a specific domain (ie BMS, short for a Building Management System, Lighting, Security, Power etc) with a deep understanding of our products. Our System Architects provide technical advantage and governance during the sales phase.

System Architects are the best promoter of the latest offers from Schneider Electric. Here at ISC, we have a strong network of System Architects who can support the business to drive growth and profitability by :-

  • Capitalizing on in-depth knowledge and understanding.
  • Contributing to sales by promoting and designing systems for both Direct Business & EcoXperts.
  • Bring differentiation and innovation to our systems, solutions and customers.
  • Provide technical governance at bid and execution phases.
  • Community of technical experts with a career and learning development path.

System Architect - Work Winning Stategies

Forging success requires a solid foundation, and this is where our System Architects are the best in class.

appsOur Strategies

What we do to meet our customers expectations

By focusing on technical excellence, the System Architect empowers sales teams with robust platforms for success. Our deep understanding of technical feasibility, performance optimization, and integration principles ensures smooth project execution and long-term system health.

Here are some of our approaches below :-

  • Understand new offers and develop differentiation and risk strategies for potential opportunities.
  • Increase width of offer (design solutions that maximise our portfolio).
  • Take technical responsibility at quote and sales gates.
  • Use Integration and advance communication methods (Innovation, reduce costs, increase value).
  • Efficient Design (cost effective, superior design, better life cycle solutions).
  • Sales Enablement – Support selling, coaching and development with EcoExperts and Direct branches
  • Support in driving Transitions & Modernisation– (support sales, manage risk, define specific architectures)

System Architect Priorities & Focus

A System Architect navigates the complex terrain of technology, prioritizing elements crucial for success.


Focus on top ‘Must Win’ opportunities in your region

Must Win list, Opportunity pipeline, Stakeholder map, Focus on areas you can add value (Applies for both EcoXperts & Direct)


Promote & Implement Work Winning Strategies

Transitions, Modernisation (Continuum, Vista, Inet, Sigma) CRS – lights, blinds, zigbee, re-zoning, people counting, WPA, Engage iBMS – MSI/BOS – BMS, Security, EPMS, IOT, Cloud Services


Share our Success and ‘Wins’

Winning Architectures, Pros, Cons, Challenges, Value Add Solutions.


Technical Governance, Risk Management Process

Architecture, Gap Analysis, Compliance Matrix, Integration Matrix, Risk & Opportunity Register

The Five Pillars of Competence to Success


Solution Engineering

Supported and Executed Project Solutions and solved complex opportunities.

    Solution Engineering...

  • Project solutions & experience

  • Deep Domain expertise

  • Leader in applying our products

  • Complete project lifecycle


Innovation & Technology

Enhanced our solution offers by combining our products with new technologies.

    Innovation & Technology...

  • Deep Product expertise

  • EcoStruxure solutions Technology

  • Integration

  • Innovation


Architect Solutions

Clear process, Develop efficient, robust and scalable solutions which add business value.

    Architect Solutions...

  • System architecture

  • Create & deploy new offers

  • Articles, White papers

  • Part of technical community


Technical Governance

Clear S2 review process, understand scope, levels of demarcation and risks.

    Technical Governance...

  • Technical Governance

  • Clear on levels of demarcation

  • Link application requirement to product requirement

  • Competition Awareness


Sales Enablement

A real connection with Sales & Customers to Influence & Convince.

    Sales Enablement...

  • Essential Skills

  • New technology & offer

  • Develop sales tools and reference

  • Coaching and mentoring

  • Follow Industry Trends

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