Features and Benefits

The SmartConnector extension enables communication between the Gladstone Room Booking APO service and the EcoStruxure Building Operation via EWS Web services.

Part Number: ISCINT00050

Product Features

Features & Benefits

This Smart Connector Extension allows each room in the room booking system to be represented under the Ecostruxure Building Operation Model.

The SmartConnector exposes all rooms that are requested via the Gladstone API and thereby providing the following details for every room:

• Room Occupancy
• Activity taking place in the room
• When the room was occupied
• When the room will be unoccupied

Rooms Represented in EBO

The example below is a graphical representation of how the data is modelled within EBO when a request triggers a response via the API for room data. 

System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems 

The following is a list of Operating Systems which the SmartConnector framework has been tested against. Non-listed operating systems capable of running .NET 4.5 should also work but their compatibility has not been verified.  

• Windows 7 64 bit. 
• Windows 10 64 bit.  
• Windows Server 2008 64 bit.  
• Windows Server 2012 64 bit.  
• Windows Server 2016 64 bit.  

Supported Database Servers  

The following is a list of Microsoft SQL Servers which SmartConnector has been tested against. Non-listed servers compliant with Microsoft SQL Server may also work but their compatibility is not guaranteed.  

• Local DB.  
• Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express.  
• Microsoft SQL Server 2012.  
• Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express.  
• Microsoft SQL Server 2014.  
• Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Express.  
• Microsoft SQL Server 2016.