MSI Specialists

Master System Integration Specialists

The MSI team orchestrates complex systems with seamless integration enabling optimal performance of all systems within buildings.

engineeringMSI Specialists


A Master System Integrator (MSI) has expertise in integrating various building systems such as HVAC, lighting, security, and energy management into a single, unified platform.

This integration allows for centralised control and monitoring of diverse building systems, leading to improved efficiency, comfort, and sustainability.

Designing for both the end-user & building owner provides a balance between occupants comfort as well as energy usage, allowing them to take full control & have single-pane of glass visibility of their building.

Our team has knowledge of industry standards, protocols, and technologies, enabling us to deliver these comprehensive and innovative solutions for building automation.

We can provide the installation, deployment, and commissioning of MSI solutions and integration of sub systems to ensure successful project delivery and customer requirements and deliverables are met.

MSI Specialists

Customer Focused

As an MSI team, we are focused on delivering the best solution for our customers with their needs at the forefront.


Innovative Solutions

The MSI team delivers innovative solutions, continuing to solve technical challenges that our customers face.


Data Driven

Our solutions are data driven using cloud services, IoT devices and the latest cutting edge technology to create efficient, interconnected spaces within our smart buildings.


Project Management & Execution

Leading highly technical projects by seamlessly integrating stakeholder management, fostering collaboration & driving innovation to achieve successful proect outcomes.

A Highly Technical Team with Unique Vision

A team who oversees the integration of all building systems into a single, cohesive system, ensuring maximum efficiency, comfort, and safety in smart buildings.

appsWe have a unique blend of technical skills...

Our Mission:

As the MSI team, our mission is to create smart building solutions that are hyper-efficient, resilient, sustainable, and people-centric. Our approach, coupled with our engineering expertise, allows us to provide enhanced value to building owners and facility managers, ultimately creating a better experience for occupants.

Our Expertise:

  • Integrations Specialist
  • IT Cloud Specialist
  • Technical Project Manager

Agile, Adaptive & Adaptable

This knowledgeable, adaptable team utilising the latest software development tools are able to develop quality solutions quickly and efficiently which can easily be deployed and supported by our own people.

MSI Team Initiatives

We will be your trusted advisor to deploy innovative solutions that transform your building's needs into reality using the latest technologies Schneider Electric has to offer.


Collaborative Approach

We have close working relationships with various specialists across the business to ensure our customer's vision and ideas become a reality.


System Integration

Bringing system integration into buildings provides more data and Insights for bullding owners and occupants to make informed decisions.


Agile & Adaptable

We don't see issues as a problem, more of a new opportunity to deliver new ground breaking solutions.

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