SmartConnector Released!

article Version Release

SmartConnector has had a new release! Version is now the latest and boasts a number of improvements.

The service was released officially late last week and is already hitting the spot for those that require integration to their local Active Directory.

Active Directory was originally introduced back in 2020, but this latest edition now has extended support. Historically, SmartConnector would look to authenticate users to its portal by contacting the local Active Directory. This was typically the AD that the Hosting Server was connected to.

Earlier this year, we were made aware that there are some edge cases where Servers and Users may actually reside in different domains within the same Domain Forest.

To overcome this scenario, we now allow you to specify which domain SmartConnector should authenticate users against...Problem Solved!

Why not test it out by visiting the SmartConnector website and checking out the latest version?

schedule Published: June 22, 2023, 12:15 p.m.