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Integration Specialists

As products & solutions in BMS and security systems have become more commoditised, the need to differentiate our offers is more important than ever.

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Software Integration Specialists

We are software integration specialists, fluent in the diverse dialects of modern technology. From the expressive power of ASP.NET and the raw performance of C++ to the agile versatility of Python and Java, we wield them all with expertise.

Our artistry goes beyond mere translation. We leverage the symphony of technologies like RabbitMQ, crafting efficient message queues that orchestrate complex interactions. We forge SmartConnector and SmartDriver, invisible bridges spanning disparate systems and devices.

Cybersecurity is key to everything we do, fortifying data with robust encryption and authentication to ensure peace of mind.

This is not just technical prowess; it's the ability to transform disparate fragments into a beautifully integrated whole. It's peace of mind in knowing your data flows securely and seamlessly, empowering your business to thrive.



As products and basic solutions in both BMS and security systems have become more commoditised, the need to differentiate our offers is more important than ever.


Meet Customer Demands

We aim to increase operational and energy efficiency with integration to other systems inside and outside the building, developing custom applications and open systems.


Technology Innovation

We add more business value by integrating our products and solutions with different systems and technologies.


Change a problem into an opportunity

We seek to fill product gaps, resolve compliance issues, provide solutions to resolve complex issues.

Established & Proven Track Record

We have a large portfolio of embedded drivers and integration solutions which have been used worldwide for over 15 years both in our direct and partner channels. There are now over 80 different SmartConnector Extensions in our Portfolio.

appsWe have a unique blend of technical skills...

What we do to meet our customers expectations

By focusing on technical excellence, we develop systems with robust architecture for success. Our deep understanding of technical feasibility, performance optimization, and integration principles ensures smooth project execution and long-term system health.

Here are some of our approaches below :-

  • Software developers following secure, solid design principles.
  • Product Integration Experts.
  • On-Site Application Experience.

Agile, Adaptive & Adaptable

This knowledgeable, adaptable team utilising the latest software development tools are able to develop quality solutions quickly and efficiently which can easily be deployed and supported by our own people.

Integration Team Initiatives

We will be your trusted expert and partner to create and apply innovative solutions that transform your customers’ needs into reality using the latest technologies.


SaaS Offer. Business Logic Layer (BLL)

Created a BLL framework supported by LoB to provide Building Graph ‘plug-in’ for cloud-to-cloud integrations. Passed cybersecurity validation.



All team members on full Cybersecurity training to strengthen skillset. Forging closer relationships with the CyberSec team to deliver more integrations (SaaS)


Team Upskill

Upskill competencies and knowledge on Power offering, including, EPO, PME, Aveva UOC, Engage Enterprise (X-Module)


Team Growth

Expanding India team – Cloud integration - SaaS- BLL platform for maintenance and support. Expanding Canada team to provide better support coverage

Some of our initiatives we work on...

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